C902 Blue Security Labels Voidloc Tamper Evident Labels Roll of 100 Labels. Colour Blue. 100 x 30mm

£7.50 / pack(s)
Price plus VAT, plus delivery stock these Security Labels Voidloc Non Residue. Roll of 100 Labels. 100 x 30mm Size.

On removal a void message shows on the label, but there is no residue on the applied surface.

The Non-Transfer Voidloc has a matt finish and is suitable for applying to various surfaces, including most plastics, cardboard and glass.

Please CONTACT US if you require any further information or if you would like them to be supplied with further details printed on them.

Recommended Applications

Securing boxes containing high value items, securing aircraft doors, sealing containers holding sensitive products, e.g. documents, drugs, etc.


Tamper evident laminate

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