Avery Dennison V-Tool

Avery Dennison V-Tool supply the Avery Dennison V-Tool. This tagging gun applies fixed length loops such as the Avery Dennison Securatach, reducing the time and effort required with the hand applied variety of loops. Available in three different lengths and also other colours, the V-Tool is ideal for numerous applications. Please CONTACT US for further information.



This Avery Dennison hand held tagging tool quickly applies loop-fastened tags to hard goods like belts, wallets, bags, sporting goods, sunglasses, appliances, kitchen utensils and much more. No needle is required for this fastening system. The V-Tool is an alternative option to using hand held security loops. This tagging tool can also be used for packaging and manufacturing applications. 

Class Standard
Actuation Type Manual
Loading Type Clip

Compatible Fasteners Include:

V-Tool Loops

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