3" Natural Avery Dennison V-Fasteners BOX OF 5000

£30.00 / box(es)
Price plus VAT, plus delivery stock Avery Dennison V-Fasteners. These 3" Natural V-Loops are supplied per BOX OF 5000. For use with the Avery Dennison V-Tool. Can be applied to a wide variety of applications. 

The highly reliable V-Tool Fastening System efficiently applies loop-fastened tags to belts, bags, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, sporting goods, kitchen utensils, appliances - and much more.

The V-Tool does not require goods to be penetrated with an insertion needle. Instead, the system has a dual hook and tag-holder applicator that meets the tag fastening needs of varying items. The unit's hook applicator wraps around selected areas of targeted items, such as a handbag's shoulder strap and is designed to apply looped fasteners to smaller diameters, holes and apertures such as zipper pulls and holes in labels, bags and backing cards. Fasteners come in 2, 3, 4 and 5-inch lengths.

The labor-saving application process is completed in a single step. V-Tool tags up to 50 items with one clip of fasteners.

The system eliminates the need to use time-consuming, hand-applied fasteners or string, hard-to-handle clips or dangerous pins to achieve loop-type fastening. The system's tamper-evident plastic loop fasteners have an arrow-and-barrel configuration that forms a strong mechanical lock. The fastener cannot be removed without destroying the loop or damaging the tags.

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